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SAMt / Faqs

Why is South América Motorbike tours different?

Our tours are about the journey and not just about reaching a destination on a motorcycle. We want you return home feeling that you have had a fantastic new adventure rather than just a great bike ride in a new country. To ensure our goal and your expectations are reached; we limit the maximum number of motorcycles to 10 per tour and encourage riders to bring their partners along with them so the journey can be shared and enjoyed by all.  To make this all possible, we will provide you with the latest top of the range BMW dual purpose touring bikes (on/off road) which are all in near new and excellent condition. The accommodation when ever possible will be fine boutique hotels and/or lodges. All tours will have a luxury support vehicle to ensure your adventure goes as smoothly as possible in a stress free and friendly environment.

SAMt is a registered company in Chile and has it permanent base there. This obviously allows us to have a much stronger infrastructure in place as opposed to those tour companies whose base is on the other side of the world.
What bike will I have?
All our motorcycles are late model 2009/2010 /2011 - R1200 GS adventure- R1200 GS - F800 GS and F 650 GS. All are in excellent condition and are equipped with top cases or a BMW bag. Side cases are also available for all our bikes should you wish to use them. Handle bar mounted GPS units are available upon request
What happens if my bike suffers mechanic problems whilst on the tour?

We carry a wide range of spare parts for our bikes and also rely on a comprehensive network of third party technical support throughout the region.
How many kilometers will we ride per day?
Depends on the road conditions and attractions along the route. Some days we may ride less that 200 km and others we may ride in excess of 500 km. Our tours are designed to provide a good mix of sightseeing, riding and cultural experiences. Our schedules provide time for a nice breakfast, lunch and of course, some sightseeing along the way. We generally try to get on the road early each morning and arrive to our daily destination not too late in the afternoon. This will give us time to clean up and relax before dinner and also do some local sightseeing upon arrival.
What percentage of the tour will be off road riding?

90% of our riding will be done on sealed road. The remaining percentage will be on unsealed roads which are in reasonable to good condition. Our goal is to make your trip as adventurous and interesting as possible without exposing you unnecessarily to uncomfortable and adverse conditions.
How much riding experience must I have to participate in one of your trips?
.. .You are required to have a valid motorcycle license. Whilst most of our riding is on sealed roads, some off road experience is desirable. You should be comfortable with averaging 300 to 500 km per day. If you have any doubt about whether your experience is adequate for the trip, please contact us.
Can a non-riding partner or guest join me on the tour?

Yes of course. Our support vehicle is a large top of the range 4 x 4 Ford F150 Pickup which is sufficiently roomy and comfortable to provide an enjoyable ride for up to two non-riding partners or companions. Guests who elect to pay the same rate as a rider will be guaranteed a reservation in the support vehicle. Guests who elect to pay the co-rider rate may ride in the support vehicle if space is available, without guarantee.
What type of accommodation can I expect?
 .... We always try to stay at hotels and/or lodges that have a minimum four star rating and we always look for locations which have something special or unique about them. The basic tour price includes double occupancy, but you can reserve a private room if you want to pay a single room supplement. We always try and stay at boutique hotels and/or lodges to avoid the crowds and annoying tour buses.
When and where can I do my Laundry?

We will arrange for your laundry to be done in the hotels where we will be staying. The frequency will be approx every 4 - 5 days. This is so we can get away early most mornings instead of waiting for an individual laundry to be returned.
Is the food and water ok to consume? Will I get sick or have diarrhea until I get accustomed to the change?

In general, both the food and the water in the areas we will be visiting will be of equal quality to what you are accustomed to at home. Bottled water is frequently available in all kiosks, hotels and restaurants. We will only dine at restaurants and/or hotels which serve high quality food.
Do I need any vaccinations for the locations we will be visiting?
There are currently no specific vaccination requirements to legally enter Chile, Argentina or Peru.

Whilst we suggest you contact your local GP before traveling, most of the locations we are visiting are free of many of the diseases and viruses which are found in many other parts of the world..
What's included in the cost?
Almost everything! To make everyone’s life easier (including ours) we have included almost all the costs you are likely to incur during the tours. Other than your personal needs, laundry, some evening dinners and lunches (this is so in some destinations you can choose off the menu and not be subject to having to settle for a preset meal), alcoholic drinks and fuel and oils, everything else in pretty much included. Lodging is based on double occupancy (as previously mentioned, you can have a room to yourself by paying a single supplement), and breakfast. Any snacks or any activity which you may like to do during your free time and is not specified in the itinerary will of course be at your cost.
What is not included?

The cost does not include air travel or any other form of transportation to and from the starting city of the trip, laundry, some evening dinners and lunches, alcoholic beverages, hotel telephone calls, internet charges (if applicable) fuels and oils or hotel mini bars. The fee also does not include personal medical insurance. This insurance is not very expensive and is strongly recommended to be taken.

Any items which are not mentioned as included are also not included
What riding clothing should I bring?
.. You should bring the same riding gear that you would use during a long trip at home such as boots, gloves, jacket and pant or a riding suit. You should off course also bring your own helmet. You should also bring a wet weather suit if your riding gear isn't waterproof. Other suggestions, such as especially warm or cold weather clothing requirements will be advised before your home departure and will of course depend on the actual circuit and the time of the year. If you wish to bring a partner and he or she does not have riding cloths or equipment, South América Motor Bike Tours will be able to hire all this equipment to you. 
How much Luggage Can I bring?

We suggest you use the rule of thumb method. Once you have you luggage packed and ready to go, reduce it by half and that should be about right. Seriously, with the exception of your riding gear (which should be the last thing to be sacrificed) you should be able to get away with 2 pairs of shorts, one or a maximum of two pairs of jeans or trousers, one pair of shoes, one pair of thongs (Flip Flops if you are Américan) or sandals, three or four T shirts, five or six pairs of socks and 5 or 6 sets of underwear. You may also like to bring one comfortable sweater (jumper for the Aussie´s) or jacket. If you find that you are short of something, we will simply stop on the way so you can buy it.
Whilst we will give you the exact guidelines once you have made your booking, the support vehicle will be able to take one piece of luggage per person. Any remaining luggage will be carried by you on your bike in either the side cases or the top case.
How do I manage my cash / credit card,etc. Do I need to bring US Dollars or Travelers Cheques or some other currency?

Life these days is so much easier, even in South América. Whilst we do suggest that you do bring a few US Dollars with you, the best and safest method of withdrawing cash is from the many ATM machines which we will be driving past on a daily basis. Yes, even most of the small villages now have at least one ATM machine. We will provide details on the type of debit cards which are most commonly accepted in these local ATM´s but any debit card from a Major Bank in your home country should be ok. We do suggest however, that you bring a minimum of two separate debit card accounts just in case you lose one. You should of course also bring one, preferably two credit cards with you.
Are there any rules or regulations that I should be aware of?

The only thing we ask is that you follow the laws of the country we are riding in and that you are always respectful to the local citizens. We also expect that each member of the group conducts themselves in a manner that does not endanger themselves or other members of the group.

We will also insist that no alcoholic beverages are consumed until your motorcycle has been retired and safely stored for the evening. Riding privileges will be suspended for anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
How do I stay in touch with home in case of an emergency?
... Our support vehicle is equipped with a mobile phone and a satellite phone. They can accept calls during the day or in the hotels in the evening. Each bike is also equipped with a mobile phone which we have provided you with in case of an emergency. Any calls you make from this phone will be at your cost, but incoming calls are obviously free.  Whilst you are more than welcome to use the satellite phone (where we have no mobile phone coverage) to call family and friends, charges will apply.  We also try and stay at hotels and lodges which provide free access to the internet and/or have WI FI for those passengers who wish to bring their own personnel lap tops along.
What if I have special dietary requirements or have any special medical needs?

Once you have booked your place on a tour and prior to departure, we will send you a form which we will ask you to complete and return to us. We will do our very best to accommodate your individual needs and we will advise of the outcome before our departure.
If I have any additional questions which aren't answered above, what should I do?

Please send an email message to the email address listed on the website. You'll receive a prompt response.
Alternatively, please call us (56) 9 - 81566630 Santiago - Chile.

Small, Intimate Groups
. Our Adventures are not designed for the masses but rather a small group of people who by the second day of the trip will feel like
friends exploring new horizons rather than strangers who just met. We limit our trips to 10 motorcycles which with a pillion on each would be a maximum of
10 couples or 20 people.

Accommodations and Meals. Due to our small group sizes, we are able to use wonderful and interesting "boutique" hotels and lodges that simply are
We always try and dine at the locations which are able to cater for a wide range of different tastes to ensure we can all find something we like. However,
the restaurants we select must be able to offer local dishes to cater for the more adventurous eater amongst us. All the restaurant we use come highly
recommended from both the well travelled visitors and/or the local communities.

Self Operated Tours – Yes. The tour leaders are the actual owners of the business so you can therefore expect to receive the highest level of service and
personalized treatment.

Luggage Handling and Support. We use a top of the range support vehicle on all of our trips for transporting luggage and non-riding guests. Upon arrival
and departure from each hotel /lodge, we will have your luggage delivered and picked up from your room.